Why I DNF books

I'm the girl who finished every book. No matter how sucky it was. Maybe it was the kiasu side of me: I've sunk some cold, hard cash into it, so I better make the money count somehow. It's also the reason why my TBR (To Be Read) shelf is so massive - I find it really difficult to give up on books.

You also always hope that a book gets better, that somehow it'll snap out of its stupor and be exciting, and mostly because I'm a writer of books and could almost feel the book sobbing when you abandon it.

Even when I heard that people were DNFing (Did Not Finish) books, I was still reluctant. Until I thought of the books that were sitting in my library, unread, unappreciated - wouldn't it be better if someone else enjoyed it?

That thought that I was wasting the potential of the books to enlighten or entertain someone else because I was holding on to them for selfish reasons really freed me. And then, having recently become a fan of KonMari, it made no sense to hang on to books that did not give me joy.

So, during the last few months I've been selling or giving away books to places like the Subang Jaya Book Exchange, KL Book Exchange Club and the newly-opened reading corner at Subang Parade.

If I don't enjoy a book after reading 25% of it, I will DNF it. The time I would've spent reading a book I didn't enjoy I could now invest in a book that will give me joy.

No more regrets.

So, do you DNF your books?